Remus Ioan Ștefureac


Remus Ioan Ștefureac is the president of the STRATEGIC Thinking Group (think tank) and CEO of INSCOP Research, one of the most active and respected polling companies in Romania. Previously, he was involved in the foreign service as a Romanian diplomat in Washington, DC. In 2005, he founded Strategic Thinking Group, a consulting company specialized in social research, communication, economic analysis, and public policy. He has a BA in Political Science and a MA in Governance and Institutional Development. His Ph.D. thesis covers the vast topic of active measures, disinformation, and propaganda. Remus Stefureac’s publications include books, chapters, journal articles published in Romania and abroad, and hundreds of political analysis and opinion editorials in Ziarul Financiar, Adevarul, Cronica Romana,, or Cultura magazine. Remus Stefureac is a regular contributor to Romanian news channels as a political analyst and pollster.

Ada Cornea

Executive Director

With a BA in communication and public administration, Ada Cornea has over a decade of experience in managing PR and political marketing campaigns. She is currently the Executive Director of INSCOP Research, being responsible for overseeing various research projects. She is very committed to meeting deadlines and ensure the highest standards in data collection, processing, and analysis.

Roxana Bratu

Project Manager

Roxana Bratu holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work. She is currently working at INSCOP Research, being interested especially in the changes in public opinion, political discourse analysis and media representations.

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