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We look forward to your interest in our cookie policy. Protecting your data while using our website is an extremely important issue for us. Therefore, we present below, in detail, the way in which we process your data. When using and processing personal data, Strategic Thinking Group SRL strictly complies with the legal provisions in force regarding data protection. The right to use personal data and anonymous data belongs to Strategic Thinking Group SRL within the limits provided by law, in compliance with the rights of data subjects described below. For details on how we process your personal data, read more here. The terms and conditions of use of this website can be consulted here.

Cookies policy

This document has as subject the cookies used in the web pages of the web site strategic-thinking. Held by Strategic Thinking Group SRL with its registered office in Bdul. Marasesti 2B block D staircase 1 ap 7 sector 4 Bucharest, registered at ONRC under no. J40 / 11170/2014 with unique identification code RO17311354, hereinafter referred to as Strategic Thinking Group.

1. The importance of cookies for you:

Improving your experience on our site is the main reason we use cookies.

Accepting all cookies from our site significantly increases the quality of the content you see. Without these cookies, parts of our site will not be available to you. Cookies allow us to remember your settings and preferences. This makes it easier to adapt the content available to you each time you return to the site. Accepting cookies significantly contributes to the ease with which you will find the information you are looking for. Through cookies we can recognize and count visitors. Thus, we can generate statistical reports on how our site is used. We use the information collected through cookies to improve and optimize the content of your special site for you.

Cookies. What are they and what are they used for?
A cookie is a small file that is issued by a web server to a web browser (eg Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) to be stored in volatile memory. and / or the non-volatile memory of a user’s computer, telephone, tablet or other equipment from which the web-site is accessed. The cookie does not contain viruses, spyware or malware. Cookies do not contain code that can be executed or self-executed on your terminals. Cookies are everywhere. If you want to browse the internet, most sites use cookies.

Cookies can identify the user’s terminal, the type of web browser used, browser settings relevant to cookies (such as Do Not Track) and other information such as IP address (if applicable), area and country from which access content, access frequency and more.

The purpose of using this information collected through cookies is to present the content in a relevant way, adapted to the user’s preferences (language, format, etc.) and to remember the user’s options each time they return to the site. At the same time, cookies can be used to compile statistics and to display relevant advertising content to the user.

From the point of view of necessity, cookies fall into two categories: Essential and non-essential.

The essential ones are cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the web-site and without which the site cannot function properly. These cookies must be accepted in order to browse the ro website and all related pages and subdomains.
The non-essential ones are cookies that help a lot in the functioning and optimization of the site content by processing and adapting the information to the user. These cookies are not absolutely necessary for the functionality of the site.
Cookies can be classified in several ways according to their origin. E.g:

A First party cookie is a cookie generated and used only by the website visited. Most of the time, these cookies are essential cookies.
Third party cookies are cookies whose origin is from outside the site and whose information we cannot control. Most of the time such cookies are non-essential. The data collected through these cookies and the purpose for which this data may be used is not further controlled by Strategic Thinking Group SRL.
Depending on the duration of the validity, the cookie