• The worst crisis of our generation will also activate a series of opportunities.
  • After the crisis, we can find ways to reconcile the federalist views that demand a stronger role of the EU and the partisans of the national states that risk being “seduced” one by one by the expansionist actors who do not share the essential values of our civilization and identity.
  • Every safety mask, every emergency lung ventilator, every essential consumer goods that reach the people through the help of the European Union will mean as many blank cheques granted by the citizens of the Member States to the reinforced European project.
  • The European citizen will send the extremist forces to irrelevance and will support the strengthened European project if the EU, in agreement with the Member States, will have the vision, the political will, and the administrative capacity to implement a genuine European “Marshall Plan” financed by European money, for the prosperity of the whole Europe, without privileged areas (relocation of production facilities within the Union, a single-speed Europe, infrastructure development, the stimulation of education and innovation, all in a strategy that goes beyond the center-periphery reflex – a source of so much frustration and conflict).
  • Romania needs a profound reform of the political system (the renewal of the political class, the reform of the administration, the amendment of the Constitution), major actions of economic transformation to increase the local participation in the development model, and consistent political support for strengthening the European Union

The global health crisis caused by the COVID 19 virus is unprecedented if we think that we have never been, not even in times of war, in a situation of total freeze of economic activity, in most fields, in most countries of the world at the same time.

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